Haverford Court

Working With What You've Got

Clearing and constructing a postage-stamp site in an established neighborhood requires more planning and coordination than many larger sites. Our team’s cooperative approach coupled with an eagerness to create plans with other trades that meet your objectives stands out on these urban in-fill projects.

Because residential developers are often under tight time and budget constraints, we've learned to use our creativity and experience to work with whatever we are presented. Our involvement with the Haverford Court project in Lower Merion, Montgomery County began early on, delivering the clearing and stakeout work. In our own research of the site and through communication with the township, we came across a couple of challenges.

The job consisted of two single-home residential properties that were being combined to build 13 town homes by TEH and Cornell Homes. Careful selective clearing and ongoing alertness to surroundings by our project team preserved existing large trees to satisfy the municipality. 

A second challenge was the unsuitable soil on site. We exported some of the soil, but managed to save time and money by mixing the wet site soil with a lime additive to make it more usable. While some companies would have seized the opportunity to pursue the mark-up on a more costly solution, we presented what served the client best.

Project Specs

Location: Lower Merion, Montgomery County, PA

Project Scope: Construction stakeout, land clearing, earthwork, soil stabilization, storm sewer and underground storage system installation, curb replacement and paving.