Fairview Village


Quick Turnaround

Our construction professionals delivered a fast turn-around to accommodate the aggressive schedule we put together for this project. Many firms promise an aggressive schedule, sacrificing quality and cooperation along the way. Some figure that once they’re on the job it’s unlikely they will get thrown off even if they miss the deadline. The only way we can earn your trust for future projects is to deliver on our commitments.

Harkins Builders contracted us to prepare the Fairview Village site in Phoenixville, PA, a 37-townhome development for the Chester County Housing Authority. This project required the usual full range of site services, including excavating and utility installation (storm water, sanitary sewer and water), as well as curbing and paving. The pressure was on our project team from Day 1 at Fairview Village. The developer was not permitted to begin ANY work on the homes until the project was paved. The project met the goal before asphalt plants closed for the winter and the builder enjoyed working on a stable surface all winter long.

Upon completion of the roadways, the construction of all homes commenced simultaneously. The resulting congestion required lots of coordination for our crews to complete the remaining work.

Project Specs

Location: Phoenixville, PA

Project Scope: excavating and utility installation, which includes storm water, sanitary sewer and water lines, retaining wall installation, curb and paving.