Dansko Warehouse

When Dansko, Inc. decided to build its 205,000 sf warehouse on a 16 acre site in West Grove, PA, Brubacher Excavating, Inc. was contracted by W. S. Cumby & Sons for E&S controls, construction of two basins, new sanitary, storm sewer and water line, underground storm water retention facilities, curb, roadway, 25’ high retaining wall and a building pad for a 4.7 acre building. There was a total of 25,366 sy of paving, consisting of both onsite and entrance widening. The Dansko project is applying for LEED accreditation, an effort our project team supported with the required documentation.

After the project commenced, the owner’s engineer determined the onsite soil was unsuitable for use. As a result, approximately 100,000 cy of soil was undercut and exported. Structural fill material was imported at the same time to stabilize the site. This part of the project required pre-planning to create an action plan for soil exchange. Structural areas including the building, retaining wall and all driving lanes required a stable base.

Two drainage basins were added as part of the storm water system as well as two underground basins, two infiltration beds that are below the pervious parking lot area and two bio-retention areas. Our utility crews safely connected the sanitary sewer to the existing line in the middle of a busy intersection. Highway work consisted of 1,100 lf of Jennersville Road improvements which included milling, paving, utility work, infiltration trenches, curb and the modification of existing driveways.

Project Specs

Location: Penn Township, Chester County, PA

Project Size: 16 acres

Project Scope: Earthwork, utility installation, underground storm water storage system installation, roadwork, curb and paving.