Water Main Replacement

Minimizing Disruption, Maximizing Production

When we work in busy areas like cities and residential neighborhoods, pre-work planning is key to avoid and minimize disrupting the surrounding area or inconveniencing residents.

We view ourselves as guests that municipal authorities and utility companies invite to work in someone else’s front yard. Our commitment to public safety, communication with residents, professional conduct of our crews and daily clean up all contribute to a positive reflection on our municipal and utility clients. We offer a wide range of self-performed support services from horizontal directional drilling to milling and paving.

In the case of utility main replacement projects, safely crossing thousands of underground water, gas, sewer and telecommunications lines while maintaining efficiency is paramount. Most competitors dig straight through many of them, figuring the cost of repairing them is less than hand digging around them. Our commitment to protect the life, health and property of those around us leads to a different answer. Locating utilities in advance of trenching, yields confidence for you and our crew.

Working Around the Obstacles

Aqua Pennsylvania has partnered with Brubacher on several water main replacement projects throughout Delaware, Chester and Montgomery Counties. While each site required the same essential service, each had its own set of challenges to contend with.

In Collingdale Borough, the project included 7,400 linear feet of water main, including 2,700 linear feet of C-900 PVC. The challenge on this site was working around a 20” gas transmission line, while dealing with local business traffic and pedestrians. With a little creativity, the proper planning and our extensive capabilities, our crews met this challenge with great success.

In West Goshen Township, two pipe crews installed over 5,000 linear feet of 8-, 14- and 16-inch pipe and connected 43 services on three streets. Because Aqua Pennsylvania purchased the water system from another water authority, records were limited and avoiding water services was a challenge. Also, in our pre-work surveying, we noticed the pavement on these streets ranged from a 10- to 15-inch thickness, to which we adapted our construction.

In Narberth Borough, over 6,000 linear feet of 8-inch pipe was installed, connecting 217 services along two streets. The challenge here? The firehouse sat close to the work area, meaning crews needed to remain flexible to allow emergency vehicles access at all times. Despite all the obstacles, Brubacher crews® remained accommodating and completed the project on schedule.

Project Specs

Location: Delaware, Chester and Montgomery Counties, PA

Project Scope: Miles and miles of waterline, thousands of services, hundreds of fire hydrants, countless square yards of paving restoration.