Applecross Country Club and Development

Applecross Country Club

Success Builds Success 

Pulte Homes began work on the Applecross Development, an 860-acre community with more than 600 homes and an 18-hole private golf course, back in 2007. At that time, Brubacher won an initial contract for several early phases of site work. Our performance on that project built confidence with Pulte. Soon we had another contract. And another.

Over a 7-year period, Brubacher performed all site Infrastructure work on the Applecross Development. We earned each new contract with a combination of superior work and an eye to the future.

We do things a little differently at Brubacher. We understand that challenging budgets for residential development require true costs up front, with no room for big surprises. Our ability to plan ahead, combined with our team’s experience and expertise, allows us to deliver a total project cost that you can have confidence in.

With a project this size and duration, decisions and strategies made early on impact every future phase. Everything from working relationships with local authorities to cut/fill balancing, and the quality of workmanship has a direct effect on the long-term success of a project this size.

Pre-Work Problem Solving

Brubacher’s ability to find efficiencies prior to each phase benefitted the Applecross Development project dramatically. We knew that the nearly two million cubic yards of earthmoving work would require significant planning to minimize the double handling of materials, so we helped to plan and balance each phase.

We found ways to save Pulte money by modifying the project sequence and making recommendations for site balancing. One particular challenge we faced was carrying out blasting work near a water reservoir. We used a technique that we developed for a similar situation we faced in the past. Doing this planning before each phase helped us to earn Pulte’s confidence. We continued to deliver the work as promised and became a valued partner in an ambitious project.

From planning and earthwork to utility installation, grading and paving, the range of expertise required on this project was great. But it was Brubacher's ability to provide these services in a way that enhanced the quality of the project that made the difference. We were able to help as our client successfully navigated huge changes in the housing industry throughout the construction of this community.

Project Specs

Location: East Brandywine Township, PA

Project Size: 860 acres

Project Scope: 2 million cubic yards of earthmoving, miles of underground utilities, a wastewater treatment plant, bentonite-lined storage lagoons, earthwork, grading, curbing, stone placement, and paving.