We have the team and services in place to offer responsive, flexible and creative solutions. We know it’s a fast-paced, demanding industry often requiring the agility of a team capable of 24/7 responsiveness. We can manage your site’s needs as it transitions from mountain to well pad. As the industry continues to evolve so do our capabilities.
Brubacher Land Clearing and Grubbing Services for Energy Services

Land Clearing & Grubbing

We provide clearing, grubbing, stump removal and horizontal grinding in preparation for your well pad and pipeline development.  We are experienced in meeting the requirements of each landowner as we satisfy the requirements of the project. Learn more.
site development

Well Pad Construction

From surveying and clearing to well pad construction, we know the Marcellus region's topography, the demands of the industry and our role as stewards of the environment. Our self-guided commitment to do what’s right for our client’s resources is key to mutual success in the energy industry.

Brubacher Impoundment Construction

Impoundment Construction

We construct impoundments to help you reduce water truck travel to and from your hydraulic fracturing site. Your needs are met, from clearing, earthwork and liner installation, when you contract with Brubacher.

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Compressor Station Site Development

From land clearing and excavation to final pad stabilization we know the importance of proper development for compressor station sites. We contract with third party soils engineers to perform testing ensuring the compaction standards are met.

Rock Drilling & Blasting Energy services

Rock Drilling & Blasting

We know the unique characteristics of rock and how to choose the best product for your application. Whether you have a large job for a mountain cut containing a million cubic yards of rock or a small job requiring one or two hand drilled blast holes, we can fulfill your project requirements. Learn more.

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Erosion Control & Hydroseeding

Whether you need mechanical pre-seeding, temporary or permanent seeding, straw mulching, erosion control matting, or hydro-blanket/seed application we offer safe, quality site stabilization services to address your budget and requirements.

Brubacher Containment System Construction for Energy Services

Containment System Installation

Our team has worked with secondary containment in the natural gas industry and has experience installing and repairing containment systems for well pads. Many benefit from consolidating services when hiring Brubacher for rig mat placement after containment is installed.


Additional Site Services Include: