We have the team and services in place to offer responsive, flexible and creative solutions. We know it’s a fast-paced, demanding industry often requiring the agility of a team capable of 24/7 responsiveness. We can manage your site’s needs as it transitions from mountain to well pad. As the industry continues to evolve so do our capabilities.
Brubacher Land Clearing and Grubbing Services for Energy Services

Land Clearing & Grubbing

We provide clearing, grubbing and stump removal in preparation for your energy, utility, or other new construction project. Our mechanized operation eliminates the risks involved when cutting by hand. Learn more.

site development

Well Pad and Access Road Construction

From surveying to construction, we provide a complete range of well pad construction services. You'll benefit from our knowledge of the region's topography and our role as good caretakers of our environment.

Brubacher Impoundment Construction

Water Transfer & Impoundment

We construct impoundments and HDPE pipelines to help you reduce water truck travel to and from your site. Whether it involves clearing, earthwork or liner installation, we've got you covered.

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Compressor Station Site Development

We know the importance of proper development for compressor station sites, contracting with third party soils engineers and ensuring compaction standards and construction schedules are met.

Rock Risk Management

Risk Management: Rock

We know the challenges that come with rock and the right approach to eliminate surprises, whether a large job for a mountain side well pad, a pipeline, or a small job requiring a few blast holes.

Brubacher Containment System Construction for Energy Services

Containment System Installation

Brubacher is trained and carries qualification on multiple containment liner products. From primary containment and rig mats, to secondary containments and repairs, we have the experience and capability to keep your site in compliance.

Vacuum Excavation Landing

Vacuum Excavation

Underground utility strikes are among the most common construction accidents every year. To mitigate this risk, our team uses high pressure air or water combined with a vacuum system to assist in locating existing utilities prior to excavation.

Pipe Fusion Landing

HDPE Pipe Fusion

Fused HDPE pipe is often a cost-effective alternative to standard utility installation. Our crews are certified to fuse from 1/2" to 18" diameter HDPE pipe as well as sidewall and extrusion welding. We maintain certifications and drug-testing consortium requirements for gas line installations.

Brubacher Guys

Roustabout Services and Logistics

Our team understands that getting drilling equipment into and out of a remote location is difficult and requires a high level of teamwork. Brubacher has experience in access road preparation and upgrades prior to rig-up, support of moving oversize loads, snow removal, and coordination of haulers. We understand the urgency of a rig move, and we will provide the vital support needed.


Additional Site Services Include: